Blueroo's Adventures

Author(s): Rose Chiello


One day, Koala Bella was sound asleep on top of a gum tree. Suddenly a thunderous noise awakened her, almost knocking her out of the tree! Hundreds of kangaroos hopped madly below. She noticed a horrible burning smell in the air, and birds screeching above. There was a feeling of panic all around. Koala Bella was getting scared she couldn t move.


This is a story about a bush fire .Where a young Joey called Blueroo, fell out of his mother s pouch and was lost and alone; that s when he met Koala Bella. She saved him.


Bella knew she had to find Blueroo s mother, as he would be getting very hungry soon. Bella loved eating her gum leaves, but had no idea what kangaroos ate. She gave Blueroo some leaves to eat also. The smoke had cleared so she could see further away. Now Bella was trying to think of a plan to get Blueroo back to his family.


On one of his adventures Blueroo met a beautiful young female roo, her hair was bright red and her name was Scarlet. One day Blueroo went to visit Scarlet, with her parent s permission and they were allowed to go for a hop.


All the bush birds were invited to a party, there was going to be a big gathering. Koala Bella and her family had also being invited; there were going to be lots of flowers, cakes and dancing. There were also a lot of tears, some people were going away, and there was a little sadness, but a lot of hope for love. There would be a trip to the Blue Mountains.


Blueroo s Adventure is about a family of Kangaroos going for a picnic out for the day when suddenly the fires around them are so intense and frightening that they try to hop away from the fire and smoke. A baby joey is lost scared and frightened; the parents don t realise till later that he is lost, the little Joey is crying when Koala Bella hears him and brings him to safety.

When they go back into the bush to find him, much to his mother s surprise, the joey has been named Blueroo by Koala Bella because he was so blue when she found him.

Mrs Roo and her husband and brothers are very grateful to Koala Bella for saving their baby. They became friends for life.

A few months later the Joey is missing Koala Bella, but most of all the adventure he had when she took him from the top of the trees, while escaping from the horrible bush fires. So Blueroo pestered his mother until she agreed to go and visit Koala Bella again; just as any child does until they get their way.

When Blueroo got older he wanted to go and visit Koala Bella again, his mother gives in but warns him to come home before dark. He promises her he will and off he goes. On the way he meets Scarlet, a little red roo and becomes friends. He asks her mother if she can go with him to visit Koala Bella. Her mother says yes on one condition, that he brings her back before dark or her father will be very angry. Blueroo gives her his word and off they go.

On the way Blueroo tells Scarlet why he calls Koala Bella his fairy godmother, and how she saved him from death. She is not really a fairy but I call her that because she rescued me .

On the way back they bump into a young Greyroo, he is furious when he finds out that Scarlet was allowed to go with Blue roo, as he was always shooed away by her mother. Greyroo leaves but in his mind was already plotting a way of getting Scarlet back.

So accidents happen. The minister, who is Scarlet s uncle, gets very sick. Blueroo has proposed, the wedding date had been set, and all are worried that the minister would die or be too sick to perform the marriage.

They find out that Greyroo went to the church, and was seen to replace the water at the ceremony, so blueroo asked his bush friends the birds to keep an eye on Greyroo until the minister got better. The owls watched Greyroo night and day.

The minister got better, and Scarlet s mother and Blueroo s mother got busy. They had a lot of

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