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If you're looking for a great inclusive grown-ups' book club, this is the group for you.


About us

Our BookClub hosted by Sharon Rigby and Lee BergerWe are the owners of Pictures & Pages bookshop.

Sharon is an avid reader of eclectic taste, anything that takes her fancy, and currently has a fascination for True Crime.

Lee is an avid reader of fan fiction and can tell you just about any of our books that are published evolving from that medium.


Group Workings


Please bring a plate of food or something to drink to share at a meeting where possible. This will keep BookClub free.


Please find a way to communicate if you will be at the next meeting. If not on facebook we are happy to contact you via email or send a text. Feel free to bring a friend you think might enjoy it.



You are never required to have read the book to come to meetings or join in discussions, but it is always more fun if you do.


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 We look forward to bringing you great reads during the year!




Sunday, April 19, 2020

Book Club 2019